Larry S. Rosenberg, MD, FAAOS

Patient Education: Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

EIUS® Unicompartmental Knee Replacement System

The EIUS® Unicompartmental Knee Replacement System provides a bone preserving, resurfacing approach to Uni Knees that completely eliminates the need to invade or ream into the intramedullary canal. This results in a minimally invasive procedure with potential to allow patients to quickly get back on their feet and back into life.

Designed to Meet 6 Key Objectives

* Minimally invasive
* Resurfacing technique with no large femoral bone cuts
* Restore the anatomic joint line
* Preserve bone stock
* Minimum replacement of the damaged cartilage surfaces
* Preserve ligaments, opposite compartment, and patello-femoral joint providing natural motion and a more normal feeling knee 3,4,5

Minimizes Surgery, Maximizes Mobility

* No quadriceps incision-potential for less pain and faster recovery
* Outpatient or shorter hospitalization compared to TKR–averaging one to two days9 hospital stay.
* Faster rehabilitation 9,10 – some patients may resume activities like golf as early as six weeks post-operative
* No patella eversion or resurfacing required

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