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Patient Education: About Shoulder Replacement

The Shoulder Joint & Replacement Options

Shoulder Replacement
Replacement of an arthritic or injured shoulder is less common than knee or hip replacement. When necessary, however, shoulder replacement typically provides the same benefits as those procedures, including relief of joint pain and restoration of more normal joint movement.

A smooth substance called articular cartilage covers the surface of the bones where they touch each other within a joint. This articular cartilage acts as a cushion between the bones.

The Cartilage Rim and the Shoulder Socket

The Biceps Tendon

The Rotator Cuff
The rotator cuff — 4 muscles connecting the humerus with the scapula — supplies stability and balance to the shoulder joint. Proper rotator cuff balance is essential for arm raising and rotation. When you raise your arm, the rotator cuff holds the humeral head tightly within the socket (glenoid) of the scapula.

Causes of Shoulder Pain
• Tendonitis/bursitis
• Injury/instability
• Arthritis

The Rotator Cuff

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