Larry S. Rosenberg, MD, FAAOS

Email Policy

In accordance with guidelines suggested by the American Medical Association, please acknowledge the following when communicating by email with any physician:

1. Please understand that emergency needs cannot be met by email and that email is not checked on a regular basis. Urgencies should be referred to the office or the 24-hour answering service. Emergencies should be handled by calling "911."

2. Email communication is limited to administrative matters and is provided as added convenience. No medical advise or diagnosis is provided by email.

3. Security of email messages is limited by your server, computer, software, browser, and access to your system. Security is appropriately controlled on our website and email system.

4. Email is not a substitute for an office visit and/or physical examination. It is only a convenient means of introduction or communication to handle simple needs, questions, or drawing attention to various aspects of your care.

5. Copies of your email correspondence may be kept in your chart if it is appropriate.

6. If you abuse your email privileges, such electronic interaction may be terminated at any time, by email filters and your messages will not be read.

Thank You

Email Accounts:

* Dr. Rosenberg
* Rhonda Romero - Office Manager
* Megan Shendock - Clinical Care Coordinator
* General Information

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